My contribution to the 1st Albanian Scientix Conference

Do you know ?

On 28 April 2018 we, the Albanian Scientix Ambassadors, carried out the first Albanian Scientix Conference. Was it easy? I am sure that while you are reading, you answer “of course not”. But we did it. This is the most important thing that we should remember in the future, more than the difficulties we had to face in order to achieve it.

I am so happy that I could contribute to this conference. In relation to this, my  activity during this conference consisted of two parts: a presentation of the Scientix portal, during which I could tell and show something about the STEM  activity with my students, and also a workshop during which I talked about online events happening on the Scientix portal.

In relation to my first activity, “Scientix portal presentation”, I first showed  teachers how to create an account on the Scientix portal, then I showed all the 9  sections of the portal, with all options inside each section. At the end of my presentation, I showed some pictures of our STEM activity at our school. During  my presentation I invited Albanian teachers to be part of this portal, following its pages on Facebook and Twitter by highlighting that; “Being a digital teacher may be your choice, but being a 21st century teacher is not your choice but a stubborn fact and you cannot do anything to change it”.

During my second activity, I trained teachers how to be part of online events, such as webinars, Moodle courses, how to attend a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and advised them to register on the MOOC “Opening minds to STEM careers”. For this, I invited and taught them how to create an account on the European Schoolnet Academy platform.

After the conference, I have seen many Albanian teachers that attended the Conference, frequently in the Facebook group “Science Teachers in Europe” so I think we did a good job, really we did, and I am happy that I had the possibility  to contribute to this conference. With this conference, we have contributed to increasing the quality of teaching in our education system. This is an important  fact.


CUIDAMOS LA SALUD DEL MAR Seminario online   ( 11 de abril a las 10:00 de la mañana)

Charla en lengua española acompañada de música de guitarra

Durante este seminario los participantes conocerán la observación marina y la recogida rutinaria de algunos parámetros (temperatura, nutrientes, fito y zooplancton, etc.) . Los centros oceanográficos hacen este trabajo y con esa información pueden determinar el estado de salud de nuestros mares, predecir escenarios futuros y decidir estrategias para conservar la salud de las aguas del planeta Tierra. Conocer el funcionamiento del mar es el primer paso para cuidar la biodiversidad, y los estudiantes y la población en general sois un aliado en la defensa de la salud de los océanos. Speaker: M Carmen García Martínez investigadora del Instituto Oceanográfico español de Málaga.
La composición musical “Náyades” es un canto a la protección y conservación de los mares es un trémolo de guitarra española, en clave de sol menor ; un mensaje que acompañará como música de fondo la comunicación. Compositor: Davida Yáñez Sanahuja.

Global Science Opera 2018, One Ocean, es promueve el cuidado de las aguas del planeta Tierra. La webinar proporciona información para este proyecto CREATIONS, uno de los Proyectos Scientix.


WEBINAR: Ocean Health

OCEAN HEALTH Webinar (9th April at 15:00 PM CET) English language explanation and tremolo guitar.

You will know marine observation and the routinely collection of certain parameters (temperature, nutrients, phyto and zooplankton, etc…). Oceanographic centres work in order to determine the health state of our seas and to predict future scenarios. The analysis of the information collected is fundamental to decide which strategies must be followed to conserve the health of the waters of the planet Earth. Knowing the functioning of the sea is the first step to take care of biodiversity, and students and general population will be an ally in defending the health of the oceans. Speaker: M Carmen García Martínez researcher at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography

“Náyades” is a song tremolo guitar in the key of minor G; it is dedicated to water. Express a desire for protection and conservation of the seas and nature .This message accompanies the webinar as a background. Composer: David Yañez Sanahuja.

The Global Science Opera 2018, a CREATIONS project, develops the need to take care of the waters of the planet Earth as One Ocean. We focused during the webinar on the importance of the routinely collecting ocean parameters and carrying out work in the field of STEAM in relation to the waters of our seas.


Educating next generation of entrepreneurs

Is it possible to educate young people for today’s demand for entrepreneurship and readiness for change? New Nordic Youth is a Danish one-year boarding school with exactly this ambition. IBM Denmark and New Nordic Youth collaborated on a case competition to bring together the students’ talent within technology, business and media design.

The 70 students visited IBM to kick off the case competition and get inspiration from three professional IBM’ers working with the areas technology, business and media design. Here they got the tools to turn their everyday challenges into a profitable business idea. During the following weeks, the students worked on the case and their start-up idea to further develop it.

The students visited IBM to kick off the case competition.

The students visited IBM to kick off the case competition.

The case work was rounded off with a great final where the students pitched their ideas to an IBM panel. They dressed up and presented their prototypes, business strategy and communication strategy. The ideas varied from an app to help you select your school to a scanner to register who was present where and again to a weight sensitive mattress to make sure you get up in the morning. Afterwards, two of the groups have chosen to keep working on their ideas.

One of the students has described the experience in his own words:

During the last couple of weeks my school has had a cooperation with IBM. It all started with the entire school getting on a bus and going to their workplace where we got short introduction, after which we were separated into the three skills departments of our school. We had some education from some real professionals, and that hour of education were one of the most educational I have ever had. Then we got an assignment. Split into groups of 5-6 people and come up with something that can make boarding school life better. My group and I came up with a number of different ideas but settled at making an app that will help you find the perfect boarding school. And with the help of our own teachers and a lot of feedback from the professionals, I think we came up with something pretty good. It was some hard weeks, every plan we had from the start, had to be washed out so we could pull through. In the end my group pulled through, and we ended up as the winners. Even now my group and I are working on the idea, hoping that one day it can get on the market. Now I just want to thank the IBM group for helping us see an opportunity.

– Rasmus Holmsten Pedersen, 17 years old, student at New Nordic Youth