Author: Cem Moran

Hello, I am a primary school teacher in Turkey. I and my students participate in eTwinning projects that involve STEM education.

In the activity that I organised on 6 – 10 April 2020, we covered the issue of helping people around us or, in other words, solidarity. Our activity is based on the acquisition of life science skills. We asked the students to observe their home places. Students observed their families for a week. They listed the issues their families faced. Then we wanted to choose the most important of these issues.

Then, the subject of geometric bodies was studied in detail. We taught students concepts such as cube and square prism in math class. Then we asked the families to design a solution product. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students drew and later made their 3D designs at home. At this stage, they used waste materials at home.

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Author: Yasemin Süngübaz TOK

Participants: Etwinning Project Partners Teachers, Students and Parents from

As partners of the eTwinning project from Stem Club to Stem School, we decided to participate in Stem Discovery Campaign with a challenge, led by project founders Candan Kilbul and Cem Moran. We talked about what we could do for the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign and how we could apply online teaching by organising webinars.

Our schools have been closed since 13 March 2020 because of the Covid-19. For this reason, we decided to do a challenge called “Stay Home With STEM” by doing STEM activities at home. We made a lesson plan under the leadership of our project founders.

We implemented various live events and sound recordings with our students in our lesson plan. The students were given a task related to our daily life. They were asked to think about how we could help the elderly uncle in the fairy tale (that we read) to measure things. The students made an interesting investigation on the Internet and shared their finding related to the weighing tools. They designed how they could scale various things.

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