Our next SDC 2020 activities

Author: Aliya Ahmadova

Finally, we decided to generalize the “Nanotechnology in schools” activities for the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign with student projects. This year our slogan is: Don’t hesitate-STEM is accelerate. During the last week of the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign, STEM projects, prepared by secondary school students of the Republic of Azerbaijan at home and shared online on our project’s Facebook page, attracted everyone’s interest.

I also present the projects of our students for “SDC 2020 week” to you:

Please visit our Facebook page for more students’ projects made for SDC20!

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Nanotechnology in Schools: the importance of ethical points and values in STEM education

Author: Aliya Ahmadova

Another online activity that I organized for #SDC20 was STEM-based online webinar for the teachers involved in the STEM project and those coming from eTwinning. The information about the upcoming webinar was published on the project’s Facebook page and eTwinning website.

What can nanotechnology, a topic which is not included in the curriculum of secondary schools, give to students and educators?

  • Encourages scientific thinking – students and young people familiar with the concept of nanotechnology are more likely to turn to STEM subjects for scientific research. ‘S’, which is the first letter of the abbreviation ‘STEM’ and means ‘natural sciences’ encourages us to study the scientific basis of the events happening in the surrounding world.
  • A new and “untouched” topic – an exciting and different nanotechnology project will expand the opportunities for high school students who want to work and show high learning outcomes to discover, learn and apply their potential.
  • The presence of many examples of nanomaterial around us (medical substances, photo-sensitive colouring, water filtration, nano-medical tapes, nano-fabrics, etc.) allows students to work on nanotechnology-related projects to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and bring innovation by making little steps.
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Supporting STEM teacher’s in Azerbaijan: virtual classroom tips

Author: Aliya Ahmadova

As many countries close schools and some of them have turned into online teaching, our “STEM in Azerbaijan” project team would like to support the teachers handling remote teaching activities. We are providing useful tips on how to work online and sharing with a list of online tools facilitating the switch from the actual classroom to the virtual environment.

  • In a period of social isolation, cultivating the collaboration skill via digital learning environment can be challenging. It is clear that it is difficult to turn an idea into an innovation without collobration. This support video answers the question: “why it is important to perform STEM activities and build collaborative skills in a time of limited opportunities and social isolation?”.
Video is about how to manage STEM activites in virtual classrooms whith different online tools
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SDW 2018 event in Azerbaijan-Teacher trainings

“SDW 2018” events for the science teachers from different regions of Azerbaijan were organised, including training activities in science and robotics. During the training activities from 11:00h to 18:00h, teachers learned how to build Arduinio, robot through programming, ICT skills, and effective STEM lesson plans. Nearly 50 teachers of the “STEM  in Azerbaijan” project actively participated in this event, organised at ADA University in Baku.