STEM Activities with Engineering Design Process

Engineering is generally perceived as a profession. But engineering problem-solving can be
seen as the process of creating a product design and producing a product. Societies from
antiquity to the present have sought answers to the needs of the period they live in. While
searching for these answers, they made use of science, technology and engineering. For the continuation of vital activities, they created solutions for basic needs such as shelter and nutrition and built caves, houses, temples and palaces for shelter. In addition, they used agricultural land for feeding and they tried to make agricultural products productive by making irrigation channels in these lands. It is seen that they are doing work that requires engineering studies while meeting their shelter and nutrition needs.

Engineering is the transformation of the materials and forces/energies in nature into
structures, machines, products and processes in the most efficient way that reveals new
technologies by using the findings of science, mathematics and technology.
In engineering, the product is designed. The engineering design process is a process that
determines the best way to solve engineering problems.

The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
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