Journey into the world of particles

Between the 15th and the 19th of April we organized a series of STEM activities dedicated to the STEM Discovery Week 201 , the Apollo 50th Anniversary and the Planetarium BAIA MARE 50th Anniversary. During this week the students have used English to learn about the space missions, life on ISS, Particle Physics by studying CERN’s website and other websites (1,2) created by graduates of LTER, members of Fun Science Club “QUARK”.

One of the STEM activities has been „Journey into the world of particles”. It started with a quiz. We watched my movie at Globe Universe of Particles Exhibition (translated by Juhasz Bianca Patricia and created by Florin Ionce) and we found out about CERN’s objectives.

CERN hosts a gigantic complex of particle accelerators. But…

•           What is an accelerator?

•           How does an accelerator work?

•           What are the characteristics of an accelerator?

•           What type of accelerators are at CERN?

•           What type of accelerators do you know?

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