Tornado in a Jar


In our eTwinning Project Adventures of Atmosphere, our aim is to make meteorological observations using the basic methods used by meteorology, data collection, evaluation, analysis and synthesis. Pupils get to know atmospheric events and precipitation types, evaluate and interpret them by absorbing their formation processes and characteristics. They will develop creative and critical thinking skills, learn by trial and error, develop research and invention skills, and increase problem-solving skills based on the STEAM approach, focusing on science, mathematics, engineering and arts.

With this project, project partner teachers will learn to make an interdisciplinary STEM plan in accordance with the curriculum-integrated (gain-oriented) 5E model.

In our lessons, project partners will learn how to plan, design products, and apply STEM plans. With STEM studies, pupils will gain the skills of collaboration, teamwork, inquiry, research, critical thinking, solving daily life problems and analyzing with 21st-century skills.

The image is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
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