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In this lesson, a plan is prepared for 8th grade students. The introduction to the lesson starts with a story. On this story; Mathematics and science subjects are included. Students then benefit from the discovery steps in the process and the informatics in deepening. They also acquire 21st Century skills. They see that new professional groups are not really foreign in life. It just got some technology involved. Working in the field, Ali helps his father and grows the crops. Crops are ground. Now they will produce new materials and put them on the market. Entrepreneurship and economy will come into play. Well, how many square meters of the owned field – how many trees and vineyards are in it. How many kilos have been collected from these grapes and how much is the amount of vinegar obtained. How to make a quality vinegar. You will learn these in the course content. If they want to increase their income, they will learn new agricultural techniques. He should research biotechnology. It will visualize the tree and vineyard planting in the field with the tinkercad. Maybe they may need to buy new agricultural equipment. What processes are required for vinegar, can you change the materials?


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Subject (s)

Please list in detail the subjects taught in this lesson and briefly explain why specific subjects and teachers were chosen, including the link of the non-STEM subjects and their use in improving the lesson.

I am a science teacher, our topic is physical chemical change, so we worked with a science teacher, a mathematics teacher, a Turkish teacher, and an informatics teacher. Our science teacher explained how to create a hypothesis based on the example and how the changes occur in meals. The math teacher taught all problems to tabulate the gain to be obtained by proportionality method and percentage problems. The Turkish teacher exemplified story formation and inference. The Information Technologies teacher provided visualization of the event by designing. They discovered tinkercad and phet.

Real- life questions

It researches and produces the journey of formation of foods like vinegar that we use daily.

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Author: Tuba GÜLER Scientix ambassadors

Exploring Nature-Based Solutions in Your Classroom – The Challenge

General Information

Through education, students learn about the links between all important social, economic and ecological challenges and learn about the tools to address and perhaps solve them. Indeed, critical systems thinking, interdisciplinarity and sustainability literacy contribute to the creation of environmental awareness and responsibility towards nature and humanity. Therefore, with this study, education on sustainability issues creates strong students who will be relevant citizens and active change makers in shaping sustainability solutions. Inventions inspired by nature, more descriptively named Biomimicry examples come into our lives every day. There are many designs inspired by nature, from household appliances to ships, from underwater to Olympic stadiums. Well, do you know how many devices you use in your daily life are inspired by nature? What is biomimicry and what are its examples, let’s examine it together.

Biomimic Examples İnspired By Nature

  1. Lotus and Exterior Cladding
  2. Anti-Icing Liquid for Frogs and Airplanes
  3. 3.Heron Birds and High Speed ​​Train
  4. 5. Dragonfly and Helicopter
  5. 6. Dolphins and the Sonar System
  6. 8.The Arctic Hare and Snowshoes
  7. 9. Bee Honeycombs and Telescopes
  8. 10. Squid and Jet Planes
  9. 11. Bat and Radar System
  10. 13. Migratory Birds and Show Aircrafts
  11. 14. Sunflower and Solar Panels
  12. 15. Shark and Boat Tread
  13. 16. Spider Legs and Robots
  14. 18. Gray Spotted Catfish and Space Shuttle Rockwell X-30
  15. 20. Gecko Lizard and Climbing Shoes
  16. 21. Shark and Moka Shark


Its aim is to create products, processes and policies – new lifestyles – that are well adapted to life in the world in the long run. Discovering through scientific research that animals, plants and microbes are excellent engineers. Sustainability: With the inspiration of biomimicry, design makes designs that are adaptable, visually compatible and produce solutions that consume the least energy. Learn about key competences and transversal skills for forming eco-conscious students.

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In today’s conditions where technological development is very fast, both new generation students and technology are in a closer relationship than teachers. MEB General Directorate of Educational Technologies on the integration of innovation and technology into education policies. It will support permanent and meaningful learning in teachers’ technology classrooms. In this direction, the importance of technology integration increases in teaching new teaching methods and techniques. However, it is seen that the use of multimedia technologies in education is limited. With this study, it is aimed to develop students’ multiple cognitive thinking skills by integrating Scratch into science lessons in the educational environment in 11 secondary schools..

The pictures are the author’s own – (Attribution CC-BY)
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