MY WATER OF LIFE / The Impact of Global Climate Change on Water Resources

“MY WATER OF LIFE” is an eTwinning project. In our international eTwinning project, there are 5 countries,16 partner members and 145 student including Albania, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

The Importance of the Project

Water, our source of life on earth, is rapidly becoming polluted due to consumption habits in the modern world. Global warming and climate change are dragging the world into an uncertain future, threatening even water-rich countries. Water literacy is therefore extremely important for the conservation of water, which is a vital resource for life. With this project, our students will learn by observing the behavior of water in their daily lives, how it is polluted and how it should be protected. With water awareness, our students will also contribute to the protection of the ecological system.

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Nature Based Solutions for the Future of Water


Water is a basic need for all living things. In parallel with global climate changes;

water pollution has created one of the biggest threats to the future. This threat is growing;

the water is running out. Now, the quest for the most efficient use of water resources

top of the agenda.

Real Life Problems:

– What are the causes of water problems?

– What are the Nature Based Solution (NBS) pathways?

– Dirty water cleared?

– How important is water?

We prepared a poster describing the lesson activities with the students.

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