“There is STEM at Home” challenge

Author: Çelebi Kalkan

Distance teaching due to Covid-19 outbreak can be challenging. Being Scientix ambassador to Turkey and willing to engage students in STEM education, together with 85 teachers, on 13 April, 2020 we started the challenge project “STEM at Home”. As during the pandemic students are learning from home we wanted them to develop their problem-solving, creativity, communication, presentation and entrepreneurship skills. I joined this challenge with my 7 years old students that are in 1st grade. Please see their works in the video format below.

Recently, I also wrote a blog on Scientix platform about the distance learning that occurred due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

6 thoughts on ““There is STEM at Home” challenge

  1. We would like to thank our “Çelebi KALKAN” teacher who did not lose her interest in the distance education process with her students.

  2. Thank you so much to Mr. Çelebi Kalkan for this education. Me and my daughter, name is Zeynep, both have fun and learn. For she is in STEM, my daughter is very happy. Thanks for all.

  3. We would like to thank our ÇELEBİ KALKAN teacher for his entertaining and instructive education.

  4. Dear Çelebi,
    You really did well.I like your activity.Your students participated the challenge 🙂

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