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Hello.I am a science teacher. I like to integrate stem activities to lessons and I think this has an effect on academic success. I did a master's degree on this subject.

Our Spacecraft

Author: Derya Ozturk

Our schools are closed due to the “Covid-19” pandemic that covers the whole world. However, we continue the education remotely.

We held this activity in our virtual classroom. From time to time we organized activities and events that even being in their homes students can participate in, have fun and be in touch with STEM. We organized events that children could use in their homes in order to have fun and to be intertwined with STEM.

“Our spacecraft” event was one of them. Approximately 40 students attended the event. Each student formed a group with their parents. Our event was held between 6-10 April. We wanted to draw attention to what can be done at home in this process we are in. And we found it appropriate to share our results with you. This activity was made for better understanding of the working principle of the spacecraft. Thanks to the pushing force of the air, they understood how an object could move.

For this activity, students and their parents used the materials they could find in their homes for this activity. Paper cups, straws, garbage skewers or pasta, tape and scissors to name a few. The students realized their designs with their parents and tested whether the design worked or not.

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Teachers are learning STEM

Author: Derya Ozturk

We understand the importance of STEM education very well in the developing technology age.

For this reason, we try to learn with STEM teachers who are interested in expanding STEM education. We meet with teachers at specific time intervals and organize trainings on how to implement a gain-oriented STEM activity in a classroom setting.

This event was held this semester on 12 March. We completed this practice with about 25 teachers. While organizing these trainings, we preferred to work with volunteer teachers that were curious about STEM education. With some case scenarios prepared, they had the opportunity to know how students gain their ability to solve problem situations integrated in classroom settings.

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